Capri, there lives silently in the Gulf of Naples.

The image of a mysterious island for the charm of the song of the Sirens, hosts of that land, has long been handed down through the words of ancient poets in the courts of Magna Graecia’s kings.
A land full of caves, large and small. There is one in particular that has enchanted the eyes of all and whose fame has flown over the skies and rested on the hears of the most curious. The Blue Grotto.
In the squares of the Republic of Rome the shrewdness of Tiberius was praised, who from Capri was able to manage the command over the Empire thanks to the strategic position of the island itself. The lighthouse was said to be the fastest correspondence, and in less than two hours communications arrived in the city. A lighthouse and a villa whose remains hide secret mosaics.
Alongside all this beauty and nature, a parallel life, the one of the contemporary, rises right in the center of the island. A life populated by movie stars, by the most famous people who every day inaugurated fashions that had a worldwide resonance.
The Capri of the Dolce Vita, the one of the frivolous world, has seen its rise since the 1950s and there is no celebrity who has not walked the same streets that now see our steps.
The most exclusive brands populate the main streets but in the alleys is where are hidden the artisans who create objects tailored for each customer, from leather sandals to gold jewelry.


Choose your path. Create it.

“Capri is the supreme moment of Mediterranean beauty. There there is a very lively relationship between the rock and the sea. There the signs of civilization are well impressed in the signs of nature. If I think of Tiberius’s villa overlooking the cliff, in front of the Faraglioni, I recognize the uniqueness of the relationship between civilization and nature. ” – Raffale La Capria

Unlike what is thought, one day would not be enough to visit the whole island, its history cannot be enclosed in a tour of a few hours, the secrets contained in the walls of the oldest monuments cannot be revealed to those passing by.
Tailor-made itineraries can be created for the different interests of visitors.

For you who love being on the water and having a panoramic view it is better to start the day with a tour of the island by boat, pass under the Faraglioni and circumnavigate the coast until you reach the Blue Grotto, where you can try the experience of lying down at the bottom of a rowboat, and when you open your eyes you find yourself in the blue, painted blue, that you can’t find anywhere else and that you can’t imagine if you don’t live it.
Stay on the boat and swim in the most hidden coves, that’s where the water is calmer.

For those of you who want to live like a celebrity, come ashore and taste the island from a different perspective, stroll through the center, observe the bell tower and the windows of the brands, sit in the Piazzetta and sip a drink as the most famous do. Then arrive at the Giardini d’Augusto and enjoy the view over the bay of Marina Piccola on the right and the Faraglioni on the left, and if you look just one edge, Via Krupp will look like a serpentine towards the sea.
Go back and walk along via Camerelle, enter a shop and get yourself a gift, you are in Capri.

For you who are passionate about trekking, we have many paths where nature welcomes you and where through the branches of the trees you will find breath-taking landscapes. Arrive in the main square and from there leave for the archaeological site Villa Jovis, and remember if you stop to ask for information they will answer “Always up, sir, when in doubt always go up”. Before entering the gates there is a park, Parco Astarita, which with its terraces on several levels gives you a different perspective of the Sorrento peninsula. There is a point there, at the end of the stairs to Heaven, where you can see Vesuvius and Faraglioni at the same time. It is the only point where it could happen.
Continue to the villa, stroll through the Roman ruins, find the ancient Pompeian Red color. Exit, and take the path next to it, il Sentiero delle Calanche, it will take you to Villa Lysis.
If, on the other hand, you want to admire what nature can create without human intervention, go to the Arco Naturale and count how many different shades of green you see. Go back and take the stairs, the Sentiero of Pizzolungo will take you to the Tragara viewpoint, from there you are already in the center of the island.
For the lovers of heights and the most panoramic points, do not wait and take the bus to Anacapri, get off at the center and decide whether to walk or take the chairlift to reach the highest point of the island, Monte Solaro. If you go on foot, make a stop in the Cetrella valley, there is a small church where the guardian will not deny you a coffee.

For you who love history and the monuments that show it to you, here in Capri you can walk through centuries, jumping from ancient Rome with the villas Jovis and Damecuta, to the Middle Ages with the Certosa monastery, where until a few years ago there were students taking classes in the ancient cells where monks produced food, perfumes and took care of the surrounding park. Today the Diefenbach Museum is also housed here, let yourself be carried away by the emotion that its full-bodied brushstrokes cause. And then again in the 1900s, Art Nouveau style with Villa Lysis, whose gold pieces shine as the sun sets and the columns rise to the sky; classic style with villa Axel Munthe, with well-kept gardens and all the scientific research of the Swedish doctor in plain sight.

There are still many paths that can be done, many places that can be stolen from these and put them in your path.