The Capri Movie International Film Festival, organized by the Capreae Sirenum Tellus Cultural Association of Capri, consists of a Film Festival that takes place in Capri during the month of September.

Just as Capri welcomes visitors from all over, at the Capri Movie will be welcome all filmmakers from different social, ideological and cultural backgrounds.
The cultural project is structured on narrative works of any theme.

We encourage filmmakers from all backgrounds to submit their projects, given our commitment to rewarding a diverse group of creators. Our goal is to support, promote, present, screen and recognize independent filmmakers and their projects through our annual festival. All winning projects will be published and promoted individually on our social platforms and we will list our winners on our website.
Interviews with directors will be carried out which together with the Q&A will be released through our social media to help promote their short films.
We are willing to screen the short films among a diverse audience in order to support the filmmakers in the development of their uprising career.

In addition to our public event on the island of Capri, we will launch streaming screenings for those viewers who couldn’t make it to come in person but who will be able to participate in the projections from the comfort of their living room. We know the importance of having a full cinema, and for this reason we are committed to promoting the projects of filmmakers. We consider each event an opportunity for networking with artists, people from the industry and the public itself, because inspiration hides behind a different word or a new voice, it could be wait for you just around the corner.

The evenings will last no more than two hours and will be conducted by a presenter, on the stage there will also be a well-known television or film face who will make a short performance, and actors, producers and directors will be given the opportunity to present their short to the public, for which there will be a free entry.

The final evening will be dedicated to the screening of the winning shorts for which there will be the award ceremony with the prizes for the Best Short for each section.

For each one of these awards there will be a check for one thousand euros as well as an institutional prize.