Capri Movie International Film Festival

Call 2021

Following the success of the first edition hosted last year,

the cultural association “Capreae Sirenum Tellus” organizes the second edition of

Capri Movie International Film Festival,

which will take place on the island of Capri from 15th to 18th September 2021,

at the Centro Internazionale Polifunzionale.

As well as on the island we welcome visitors from all over the world, at the Capri Movie I.F.F. will be welcome all filmmakers who want to share this experience on the big screen with us.

Our aim is to support, promote, present, project and enhance emergent and consolidated filmmakers through our annual Festival.

All selected projects will be published and promoted individually on our social platforms and websites, and we will be very careful to protect their improper dissemination.

In order to give more support to the short films and their world the press office of the festival will promote interviews with filmmakers and other figures who contribute in the making of the short films highlighting the idea, the project and the figures themselves (actors, director, etc.).

We will project the short films to a diverse audience on the big screen in order to endorse filmmakers in developing their careers, and our public event on the island of Capri will be supported by a strong communication plan.

We consider each event an opportunity for networking with artists, industry figures and the public itself, because inspiration also hides behind a different word or a new voice.

From this year we will start a hybrid form of the festival and for this reason we are happy to announce our partnership with MYmovies, the leading Italian cinema website. This choice is given by the desire to increase the visibility of our participants and reach the living rooms even of those who by time or distance will not be able to join us on the island.

We will involve each of our physical and digital viewers in all festival events.


Participation in the call includes a fee of 25 (twenty-five) euros and the evaluation of your product by a special sector jury, made up of figures who experience the world of cinema.

To register your work, you must send the material via the platform by July 31st, 2021.

The registration fee can be paid by two methods:

–        Through paypal on the platform:;

–        By bank transfer to “Capreae Sirenum Tellus”

iban IT67P0103039790 000001025706

After this procedure you must send us a copy of the receipt and the short film with a WeTransfer to the e-mail address

In both cases the specification of the reason is

“2021 Capri Movie International Film Festival call for applications”. “Iscrizione bando 2021 Capri Movie International Film Festival”.

Those who will be selected among the finalists of the Festival will be notified by an email at the address provided at the time of registration.

The selected works will be presented and screened during the 4 days of the event, the first of which will be the inauguration and the last will be dedicated to the awards with the winners chosen by our Jury.

This year the artistic direction has been entrusted to Professor Valerio Caprara, historian and film critic.


The Festival is divided into the following sections:

–        Sguardi Animati: Italian and foreign works;

–        Sguardi di Sfida: Italian and foreign works that express thoughts aimed at overcoming real, imaginary or socio-cultural boundaries;

–        Sguardi Internazionali: only foreign works;

–        Sguardi Nazionali: only Italian works.


There are two juries:

The first consists of a technical director who will coordinate the Forum dei Giovani del Comune di Capri e del Comune di Anacapri;

The second Jury, renowned and sectoral, made up of figures from the world of cinema, will assign an institutional prize of the Festival and a cash prize, each of one thousand euros, to the following winners:

  • Best Short Sguardi Animati;
  • Best Short Sguardi di Sfida;
  • Best Short Sguardi Internazionali;
  • Best Short Sguardi Nazionali.

Two Special Prizes will be awarded respectively:

–        The “Special Prize Con gli occhi di un bambino” wants to be representative of that pure and visionary judgment that only a child can give, and will only concern the Sguardi Animati section;

–        The “Special Prize Giuria Popolare” will be assigned by voting on a ballot paper that will be made by the audience in the room and through our MYmovies platform.

All the winners will also digitally sign the Libro del Cinema dei Cortometraggi di Capri.


  1. To send a short film you must own the rights or have the authorization of the owner.
  2. The relationship with the Capri Movie International Film Festival will be exclusively related to the sender of the short film.
  3. Any foreign short film that is not in Italian must be provided with an attachment with subtitles in English, respecting the start and end minutes of each bar and we will provide the translation into Italian.
  4. Festival participation fees are non-refundable.
  5. Capri Movie International Film Festival will not be responsible for damaged copies.
  6. Not all short films participating in the Festival will have access to the final selection. Our judges are free to make their own choices and no answers will be given on unselected films.
  7. Capri Movie International Film Festival can consider any short film disqualified if the festival deems the content inappropriate. If you have any questions regarding this decision which is final, you can contact us at our email address
  8. Candidates must fully accept the Capri Movie International Film Festival Regulations and Conditions.
  9. All contributions in personal categories require the person’s name and category. You can easily send us this information in your cover letter on the FilmFreeway website.
  10. By submitting your short film, you authorize Capri Movie International Film Festival to use, distribute and share the poster, trailer, synopsis and images of the short film on our social channels with the information present in the press kits you provide.
  11. The maximum duration allowed is 20 minutes including the credits.
  12. The format must be in high resolution preferably in mp4 file or in H264 or even in Avi and in any case be 24fps or 25fps and not exceed 4 Gigabytes.
  13. A folder with official photographic documentation of the short film is required, about 4/5 photographs, excluding the backstage; also enter information about the filmmaker; all for the official press release on our online and offline channels.
  14. All short films must have been made after the 1st January 2020.
  15. The short films presented must not contain advertising messages.
  16. Participation in the competition can be refused to video materials technically unable to guarantee a good public screening.
  17. We reserve the right to change the date and venue of the Festival in special circumstances. All filmmakers will be notified of any changes through our online platforms.

Everything will be done in compliance with the covid-19 regulations in force in the period in which the festival will take place.


Those who register on FilmFreeway are personally responsible for the content of the works they register and declare, by registering for the Festival, that they have fulfilled all obligations towards third parties deriving from copyright. It is the responsibility of those who register the works to ensure that they are legitimately authorized to do so by any entitled to the work, releasing the organization from any and all liability.

Registration involves the inclusion of the work in the Festival Archive, excluding commercial use to protect the interests of the Authors and Producers.

The Festival may use extracts from the finalist works in order to promote the event through its communication channels. The author and / or the production and / or the holder of the rights of each selected work authorize the publication of their data on the site and their eventual dissemination for promotional purposes.


Information pursuant to art. 13 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 and art. 13 GDPR 679/16. The owners of the personal data sent by the participants are the organizers of the Festival. The same proceed to the processing of personal data exclusively for participation in the Festival and for other information on their activities. The data are available for any correction, integration or modification relating to their use.

Participation in the Festival competition implies acceptance of these regulations.

For more information send an e-mail to